Commercial Kitchen Canopies

Low Price Commercial Kitchen Canopies for Restaurants

As a specialist supplier to the UK catering industry, we have been specifying and installing extraction canopies and ventilation systems to commercial kitchens for over a decade. Working with a wide range of establishments from small independent cafes through to large restaurant chains, pub brewery groups and hotels our range of commercial kitchen canopies is highly flexible and can easily be tailored to suit your requirements.

Choose a canopy.The snack canopy range is ideal for small caters and cafes whilst the titan canopy is ideal for busy restaurants. Or select specialist units such as condensate canopies for combination ovens.

Choose ventilation. All our canopies can be provided with either an internal fan system or external extractor fan. Combined with a deluxe fan controller this provides everything you need in one simple package.

Choose Lighting.Our deluxe lighting for canopies is designed to increase the light available in the cooking area. Completely sealed and moisture proof these canopy lights are both durable and easy to maintain.

Bespoke Kitchen Canopy Design

Can’t find the commercial kitchen canopy that you are looking for? Alongside these standard models we also provide a complete canopy design and installation service and can supply a commercial canopy that’s tailored to your specific requirements. Combine with additional features such as gas interlock systems to monitor airflow and create a complete commercial kitchen ventilation solution.

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  1. Parry Condensate Canopy
    Parry Condensate Canopy CON1000

    From £769.96 £641.63

  2. Parry Snack Canopy 1000mm
    Parry Snack Canopy 1000mm ST1050

    From £1,229.00 £1,024.17

  3. Parry Snack Canopy 1200mm
    Parry Snack Canopy 1200mm ST1250

    From £1,279.00 £1,065.83

  4. Parry General Canopy 1000mm
    Parry General Canopy 1000mm GT1010

    From £1,285.00 £1,070.83

  5. Parry General Canopy 1200mm
    Parry General Canopy 1200mm GT1210

    From £1,329.00 £1,107.50

  6. Parry Snack Canopy 1500mm
    Parry Snack Canopy 1500mm ST1550

    From £1,429.00 £1,190.83

  7. Parry Titan Canopy 1200mm
    Parry Titan Canopy 1200mm TT1275

    From £1,439.00 £1,199.17

  8. Parry General Canopy 1500mm
    Parry General Canopy 1500mm GT1510

    From £1,479.00 £1,232.50

  9. Parry Titan Canopy 1500mm
    Parry Titan Canopy 1500mm TT1575

    From £1,539.00 £1,282.50

  10. Parry General Canopy 1800mm
    Parry General Canopy 1800mm GT1810

    From £1,549.00 £1,290.83

  11. Parry Snack Canopy 1800mm
    Parry Snack Canopy 1800mm ST1850

    From £1,595.00 £1,329.17

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