Meat Slicers

A commercial meat slicer is a perfect machine to cut joints of meat or sausages with precision., Commonly used alongside a meat mincer, these industrial machines help to safely reduce waste and accurately control portion sizes.

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    FAC Professional Electric Slicer (300mm)
    FAC Commercial Electric Meat Slicer 300mm F300E
    Special Price £524.99 Regular Price £839.99
  2. Sammic Slicer GCP-250 230/50/1
    Sammic Slicer GCP-250 230/50/1 GCP-250
  3. Sammic Slicer GCP-275 230/50/1
    Sammic Slicer GCP-275 230/50/1 GCP-275
  4. Sammic Slicer GCP-300  230/50/1
    Sammic Slicer GCP-300 230/50/1 GCP-300
  5. Sammic Slicer GCP-350  230/50/1
    Sammic Slicer GCP-350 230/50/1 GCP-350
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