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Our authentic collection of tapas tableware has been specifically designed for restaurant service and use in the catering and hospitality trade. Shop our wide range of authentic tapas crockery that includes items made from a mix of traditional materials such as terracotta, vitrified porcelain and stoneware. Each piece is suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers, making it ideal for authentic Spanish cooking. Mix and match white tapas crockery with traditional terracotta tapas dishes to create a unique dining experience for your customers.

Estrella Tapas Terracotta

Authentic spanish terracotta tapas tableware for catering.

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Titan Tapas Crockery

Porcelain based. A stronger alternative to traditional terracotta.

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Melamine Tapas Dishes

Melamine is break, stain, flame-resistant and oven safe to 205c.

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Tapas Dishes

Shop our range of authentic spanish tapas dishes.

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Tapas Ramekins

Ramekins and dip pots in a range of colours to suit all restaurants.

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Terracotta Tableware

All authentic terracotta, including tagines, jugs and pots.

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Rustico Tapas

Rustic stoneware tapas crockerym a great alternative to terracotta.

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Black Tapas Crockery

Extends on traditional terracotta to create unique table settings.

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White Tapas Dishes

Mix and match tapas dishes, including bowls, ramekins and dip pots.

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  1. Estrella Handled Serving Dish 14.25" (36cm) x4
    Estrella Handled Serving Dish 14.25" (36cm) x4 SKU: M15040
    £74.40 £62.00
    (£15.50 per unit)
  2. Utopia M15017 Tagine 7" (18cm) 15.75oz (45cl) x1
    Estrella Tagine 7" (18cm) 15.75oz (45cl) SKU: M15017
    £17.88 £14.90
  3. Estrella Tapas Dish 2.5" (6cm) x24
    Estrella Tapas Dish 2.5" (6cm) x24 SKU: M15033
    £28.80 £24.00
    (£1.00 per unit)
  4. Utopia M15005 Tapas Dish 3.25" (8cm) x24
    Estrella Tapas Dish 3.25" (8cm) x24 SKU: M15005
    £29.94 £24.95
    (£1.04 per unit)
  5. Estrella Tapas Dish 5.25" (13cm) x6
    Estrella Tapas Dish 4" (10cm) x6 SKU: M14011
    £9.84 £8.20
    (£1.37 per unit)
  6. Estrella Tapas Dish 5" (13cm) x26
    Estrella Tapas Dish 5" (13cm) x26 SKU: M15019
    £42.30 £35.25
    (£1.36 per unit)
  7. Utopia M15002 Tapas Dish 5.5" (14cm) x24
    Estrella Tapas Dish 5.25" (13cm) x6 SKU: M14013
    £13.08 £10.90
    (£1.82 per unit)
  8. Utopia M15002 Tapas Dish 5.5" (14cm) x24
    Estrella Tapas Dish 5.5" (14cm) x24 SKU: M15002
    £39.90 £33.25
    (£1.39 per unit)
  9. Utopia M15001 Tapas Dish 6" (15cm) x24
    Estrella Tapas Dish 6" (15cm) x24 SKU: M15001
    £50.40 £42.00
    (£1.75 per unit)
  10. Utopia M15007 Tapas Ramekin 3"(7.5cm) 3.5oz (10cl) x24
    Estrella Tapas Ramekin 3" (7.5cm) 3.5oz (10cl) x24 SKU: M15007
    £34.20 £28.50
    (£1.19 per unit)
  11. Utopia M15006 Tapas Ramekin 3.5" (9cm) 7.5oz (21cl) x24
    Estrella Tapas Ramekin 3.5" (9cm) 7.5oz (21cl) x24 SKU: M15006
    £35.40 £29.50
    (£1.23 per unit)
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