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250+ Commercial Microwaves In Stock: We are the UK’s largest stockist of commercial microwaves, with over 250 cookers from leading brands such as Samsung, Menumaster & Panasonic available in our warehouse for FREE next day delivery anywhere in the UK.

Expert Advice on Commercial Microwaves: We have 35 years experience specifying, installing and maintaining cooking equipment in restaurants and hotels. See our commercial microwaves buyers guide or speak to an expert consultant today.

Low Price Promise: If you find a commercial microwave cheaper elsewhere, speak to one of our sales team and we will guarantee to beat the price.

Microwave buyers guide

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Designed to cook, reheat, steam and defrost, the commercial microwave is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the professional kitchen. From small to heavy duty, we stock a wide range of commercial microwave brands to suit all types of kitchen environments including precise programmable units allowing for complete defrost and cooking control with only the press of a button. Our range is broken down across 4 categories, each suited to a particular set of requirements.

Combi Microwaves

Combi microwaves ovens offer more cooking flexibility than a basic microwave, providing the speed of a microwave with the cooking ability of an oven. From £960.00

Programmable Microwave

Programmable microwaves provide precise cooking control ensuring consistently cooked food each time, perfect for chain restaurants. From £185.00

Cavity Liner

Cavity liner microwaves offer a layer of insulation improving cooking times as well as improving levels of hygiene and make cleaning the unit easier. From £439.00


Manual microwaves provide a low tech, easy to use and reliable addition to any commercial kitchen or business offering warm food. From £200.00

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  1. Belmont 1000W Light Duty Commercial Microwave - MWO1000
    Belmont MWO1000 Light Duty Commercial Microwave 1000w SKU: MWO1000
    £226.80 £189.00
  2. Belmont 1400W Medium Duty Commercial Microwave - MWO1400
    Belmont MWO1400 Medium Duty Commercial Microwave 1400w SKU: MWO1400
    £372.00 £310.00
  3. Belmont 1800W Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave - MWO1800
    Belmont MWO1800 Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave 1800w SKU: MWO1800
    £520.80 £434.00
  4. Blizzard Commercial Microwave Programmable 1000w
    Blizzard BCM1000 Commercial Microwave Programmable 1000w SKU: BCM1000
    £270.00 £225.00
  5. Blizzard Commercial Microwave Programmable 1800w
    Blizzard BCM1800 Commercial Microwave Programmable 1800w SKU: BCM1800
    £612.00 £510.00
  6. Daewoo Commercial Microwave + Cavity Liner 1500w (27L)
    Daewoo KOM9F50 Commercial Microwave + Cavity Liner 1500w SKU: KOM9F50M
    £550.80 £459.00
  7. Daewoo KOM9F50 1500w Medium/Heavy Duty Touch Control Commercial Microwave
    Daewoo KOM9F50 Commercial Microwave Programmable 1500w SKU: KOM9F50
    £510.00 £425.00
  8. Daewoo KOM9F85 1850w Heavy Duty Programmable Touch Control Commercial Microwave Oven
    Daewoo KOM9F85 Commercial Microwave + Cavity Liner 1850w SKU: KOM9F85M
    £594.00 £495.00
  9. Daewoo KOM9F85 1850w Heavy Duty Programmable Touch Control Commercial Microwave Oven
    Daewoo KOM9F85 Commercial Microwave Programable 1850w SKU: KOM9F85
    £552.00 £460.00
  10. Daewoo Commercial Microwave Manual 1100w
    Daewoo KOM9M11S Commercial Microwave Manual 1100w SKU: KOM9M11S
    £237.60 £198.00
  11. Daewoo Light Duty Commercial Microwave Touch 1100w (29L)
    Daewoo KOM9P11 Commercial Microwave Programmable 1100w SKU: KOM9P11
    £254.40 £212.00
  12. Merrychef Eikon E2s Classic Rapid Cook Oven 13AMP
    Merrychef Eikon E2s Classic Rapid Cook Oven 32 Amp (1 Phase) SKU: E2S-32A
    £6,186.00 £5,155.00
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