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Commercial Ovens: Combi Ovens, Convection Ovens, Pizza Ovens & Charcoal Ovens

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Commercial Cooker Buyers Guide

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It doesn’t matter what type of catering establishment you run, if you are serving food then a commercial oven is one of the most important appliances in your commercial kitchen. We work with some of the leading commercial oven manufacturers to guarantee lowest prices, but with so many factors affecting your choice of oven there is a lot more to consider than just cost. Our range is broken out across 6 major categories, each suited to a particular set of requirements. Speak to one of our expert sales team for the best deals on combination ovens and convection ovens today.

Commercial Convection Ovens

Commercial Convection Ovens are the industry standard cooking appliance. More compact than a complete oven range but generally Gastronorm compatible, fan assisted convection ovens are highly versatile and are well suited to general cooking. From £360.00

Commercial Combination Ovens

Combination Ovens are often referred to as combi-steamer ovens and are the most advanced and powerful cooking appliances found in commercial kitchens. Cooking with steam, convection or both, they can do the job of multiple appliances in one unit.From £2,985

Commercial Pizza Ovens

Commercial Pizza Ovens are specifically designed to quickly and evenly cook pizzas, garlic and naan breads. Utilising precisely controlled high-temperature cooking in combination with a stone base, they are ideal for fast-food and take-away restaurants.From £259.00

Commercial Charcoal Ovens

Commercial Charcoal Ovens are traditionally fired using wood or charcoal and can reach extremely high-temperatures making them ideal for cooking meats. Their use of traditional technology means that produce is uniquely flavoured and seared.From £5,000

Commercial Potato Ovens

Potato Ovens are specifically designed for front-of-house and can cook large batches of potatoes quickly and evenly. Commercial potato ovens provide a unique merchandising solution whilst helping to free up your traditional kitchen oven.From £495.00

Commercial Steamer Ovens

Steam Ovens are commonly referred to as atmospheric steamers and are ideal for cooking fish, vegetables and rice. Although they cannot braise or brown food, they are great for cooking on a large scale whilst maintaining nutrients in food.From £2,200

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  1. Falcon Dominator Plus Steam Oven Gas
    Falcon Dominator Plus Steam Oven Gas SKU: G3478P
    As low as £3,147.60 £2,623.00
  2. Falcon Electric Convection Oven E711
    Falcon Electric Convection Oven SKU: E711
    £1,278.00 £1,065.00
  3. Falcon Electric Convection Oven E7202
    Falcon Electric Convection Oven (2/3 GN) SKU: E7202
    £1,758.00 £1,465.00
  4. Fortress Convection Oven 3 x 1/2 GN Tray
    Fortress Convection Oven 3 Tray SKU: FT47
    £528.00 £440.00
  5. Fortress Convection Oven 3 Tray
    Fortress Convection Oven 3 Tray SKU: FT21
    £354.00 £295.00
  6. Fortress Convection Oven 4 x 1/2 GN Tray with Humidity Control
    Fortress Convection Oven FT66 with Humidity Control SKU: FT66H
    £702.00 £585.00
  7. Hurricane Convection Oven 62 Litre
    Hurricane Commercial Convection Oven 62 Litre SKU: HCO53
    £450.00 £375.00
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