Cocktail Strainers

We have a range of cocktail strainers designed to ensure that your finished cocktail is free from unwanted raw ingredients or chunks of ice after being shaken in a cocktail shaker. There are three common types of Cocktail Strainer:

Hawthorn: The most commonly recognised design, this strainer features holes in the head and a spring around the outside. Typically it will also feature ears to help keep the strainer in position on top of the shaker tin.

Julep: Originally served with a cocktail featuring crushed ice before straws were regularly available, this strainer acted as a barrier between the ice and the drinker allowing every drop of the cocktail to be enjoyed.

Fine Mesh: The Fine Mesh Strainer looks like a tiny sieve with a conical fine wire mesh in the head. This tight mesh ensures any seed or other small parts don't enter the drink from the shaker. Some people use these strainers as a secondary strainer in the top of the glass, using one of the other two strainers in the top of shaker can ensure that fine ingredients don't make it into the customer's drink.

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