Personal Protective Equipment

A key factor in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is the provision of uniforms and workwear for staff. This is particularly important for catering staff and those working with food in commercial kitchens. Our range of catering uniforms covers all the essential items for staff working in kitchens, front of house areas or food preparation areas including chef’s whites, disposable gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE). Our complete range of catering uniforms and workwear has been designed to provide restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants with a one-stop-shop experience for catering uniforms. 

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  1. Whites Baseball Cap
    Whites Baseball Cap SKU: SPA217A
    As low as £3.28 £2.73
  2. Cleaning and Maintenance Glove
    Cleaning and Maintenance Glove SKU: SPF954
    £4.08 £3.40
  3. Disposable White Aprons x100
    Disposable White Aprons x100 SKU: SPA310
    £4.56 £3.80
  4. Whites Unisex Money Pocket Apron Black
    Whites Unisex Money Pocket Apron Black SKU: SPA551
    £4.74 £3.95
  5. Peaked Hat Blue & White Check
    Peaked Hat Blue & White Check SKU: SPB257
    £5.28 £4.40
  6. Mop Cap x100
    Mop Cap x100 SKU: 542
    £5.94 £4.95
  7. Whites Boston Short Sleeve Jacket White
    Whites Boston Short Sleeve Jacket White SKU: SPB250
    As low as £6.36 £5.30
  8. 8%
    Buzz A018 Waist Apron Black
    Waist Apron Black SKU: A018
    Special Price £6.85 £5.71 Regular Price £7.44
  9. PPE Protective Safety Goggles
    PPE Protective Safety Goggles SKU: PPEGOG
    £6.90 £5.75
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