1. Types & Styles of Beer Glasses

    Types & Styles of Beer Glasses

    Over the years beer has flown into our beer glasses in an abundance. Beer has evolved but so has our beer glasses offering a wide range of styles and types with differing purposes. The material, size and even shape of our beer glasses is often used to affect taste, temperature, & usability amongst many other factors. We have put together this info-graphic (resembling an incredibly tall Strange glass) on the styles of beer glasses that are commonly used including Beer Steins, Nonic Pints, Conical Pints, Goblets, Mugs, Pilsner Glasses and more.

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  2. Stolzle Power Wine Glass Receives Prestigious Award

    Stolzle Power Wine Glass Receives Prestigious Award

    The new Stolzle Power Wine Glass range has been awarded the German Design Award thanks to their ground-breaking strength and innovative design. This new commercial glassware collection features three new Stemmed Wine Glasses and two Wine Tumblers, stunning the judges in both the tabletop group and product design excellence categories.

    In this article, we explore what this prestigious award means for the Stolzle glassware brand and look at what this revolutionary design is doing so well to influence the restaurant and hospitality sector.

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  3. Glass Conditions & the Effect on Quality of Beer Pints

    The following images are taken from an experiment by one of our suppliers, examining the effects of limescale, lipstick, excessive rinse aid, heat and dirty glass washers on the quality of beer in glasses. They all use lager poured into a 'head retainer' glass, which has nucleation points etched into the base of the glass to promote foam generation.

    Good Clean Glass

    Good Clean Glass

    With a clean glass, you can see a crisp, clean 1cm tall head at the top of the glass, which is retained for a decent time. The lager is fizzy to taste, and the gas release is controlled. 15 minutes later:

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