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Dudson Harvest

Harvest's genuine hand finished pieces reflect the farm-to-table philosphy that is becoming very popular in today's dining out culture. Every piece is individually glazed by hand with an original markers mark on the reverse, highlighting the hand crafted nature. All pieces feature a hand finished sponged rim, which naturally drips to create a unique piece.

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Dudson Harvest Grain

Harvest Grain

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Dudson Harvest Flux

Harvest Flux

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Dudson Harvest Norse

Harvest Norse

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Dudson Harvest Mediterranean

Harvest Mediterranean

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Maker’s Finca

The Maker’s Collection Finca

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Maker’s Urban

The Maker’s Collection Urban

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Maker’s Jute

The Maker’s Collection Jute

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Maker's Porto

The Maker's Collection Porto

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Dudson Evo Origins

Evo Origins

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Dudson Terrazzo


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