Utopia Estrella Crockery

A collection of authentic Terracotta, made in Spain, all Estrella pieces are suitable for the traditional cooking of tapas, and can be served straight to the table to offer customers a real Spanish experience. Suitable for traditional ovens, microwaves and freezers, Terracotta is naturally fragile and should be handled with care.

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  1. Utopia M15002 Tapas Dish 5.5" (14cm) x24
    Tapas Dish 14cm/5.5" (Pack of 10) M15002
    £1.94 per unit
  2. Estrella Tapas Dish 2.5" (6cm) x24
    Tapas Dish 6cm/2.5" (Pack of 24) M15033
    £1.38 per unit
  3. Estrella Serving Dish 9" (24cm) 50.75oz (144cl) x6
    Serving Dish 24cm/9" 1.44L/50.75oz (Pack of 6) M15028
    £5.65 per unit
  4. Estrella Tapas Dish 3.25" (8cm) x24
    Tapas Dish 8cm/3.25" (Pack of 24) M15005
    £1.46 per unit
  5. Estrella Tapas Ramekin 3" (7.5cm) 3.5oz (10cl) x24
    Tapas Ramekin 7.5cm/3" 100ml/3.5oz (Pack of 24) M15007
    £1.65 per unit
  6. Utopia M15006 Tapas Ramekin 3.5" (9cm) 7.5oz (21cl) x24
    Tapas Ramekin 9cm/3.5" 210ml/7.5oz (Pack of 24) M15006
    £1.71 per unit
  7. Estrella Tapas Dish 5" (13cm) x26
    Tapas Dish 13cm/5" (Pack of 26) M15019
    £2.00 per unit
  8. Utopia M15001 Tapas Dish 6" (15cm) x24
    Tapas Dish 15cm/6" (Pack of 24) M15001
    £2.45 per unit
  9. Estrella Handled Serving Dish 14.25" (36cm) x4
    Handled Serving Dish 36cm/14.25" (Pack of 4) M15040
    £21.68 per unit
    Out of stock
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