Utopia Avebury Crockery

Avebury is a stunning collection of decorated stoneware, designed to give the impression of classic rimmed enamel tableware.

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  1. Utopia CT6104 Avebury Red Milk Pan 3.75" (9.5cm) 6.75oz (19cl)
    Avebury Red Milk Pan 9.5cm/3.75" 190ml/6.75oz (Pack of 12) CT6104
    £1.54 per unit
  2. Utopia CT6100 Avebury Red Mug 10oz (28cl)
    Avebury Red Mug 280ml/10oz (Pack of 12) CT6100
    £1.54 per unit
  3. Utopia CT6018 Avebury Blue Ramekin 3.5" (9cm)
    Avebury Blue Ramekin 9cm/3.5" (Pack of 12) CT6018
    £2.68 per unit
  4. Avebury Blue Mini Pot 2.25" (6cm) 4oz (11cl) x12
    Avebury Blue Mini Pot 6cm/2.25" 110ml/4oz (Pack of 12) CT6005
    £3.03 per unit
  5. Avebury Blue Mug 10oz (28cl) x12
    Avebury Blue Mug 280ml/10oz (Pack of 12) CT6000
    £3.46 per unit
  6. Utopia CT6011 Avebury Blue Plate 8" (20cm)
    Avebury Blue Plate 20cm/8" (Pack of 6) CT6011
    £7.32 per unit
  7. Utopia CT6103 Avebury Red Pan 4.25" (11cm) 6.75oz (19cl)
    Avebury Red Pan 11cm/4.25" 190ml/6.75oz (Pack of 12) CT6103
    £4.30 per unit
  8. Avebury Blue Milk Pan 3.75" (9.5cm) 6.75oz (19cl) x12
    Avebury Blue Milk Pan 9.5cm/3.75" 190ml/6.75oz (Pack of 12) CT6004
    £4.30 per unit
  9. Avebury Blue Pan 4.25" (11cm) 6.75oz (19cl) x12
    Avebury Blue Pan 11cm/4.25" 190ml/6.75oz (Pack of 12) CT6003
    £4.30 per unit
  10. Utopia CT6102 Avebury Red Mini Casserole 4" (10.5cm) 8.75oz (25cl)
    Avebury Red Mini Casserole 10.5cm/4" 250ml/8.75oz (Pack of 12) CT6102
    £4.40 per unit
  11. Utopia CT6017 Avebury Blue Bowl 9" (23cm)
    Avebury Blue Bowl 23cm/9" (Pack of 6) CT6017
    £8.87 per unit
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