Utopia Earth Crockery

A beautiful capsule collection of hand crafted porcelain, robust enough to be offered with the Utopia Edge Chip Guarantee. Designed to bring rustic warmth to our urban surroundings, each piece is finished by hand making every item truly unique. Available in 4 colourways.

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  1. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2043 Earth Thistle Saucer 5.5" (14cm)
    Earth Thistle Saucer 14cm/5.5" (Pack of 6) CT2043
    £0.93 per unit
  2. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2055 Earth Cinnamon Saucer 5.5" (14cm)
    Earth Cinnamon Saucer 14cm/5.5" (Pack of 6) CT2055
    £1.03 per unit
  3. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2047 Earth Linen Saucer 5.5" (14cm)
    Earth Linen Saucer 14cm/5.5" (Pack of 6) CT2047
    £1.03 per unit
  4. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2053 Earth Cinnamon Saucer 6.25" (16cm)
    Earth Cinnamon Saucer 16cm/6.25" (Pack of 6) CT2053
    £1.14 per unit
  5. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2045 Earth Linen Saucer 6.25" (16cm)
    Earth Linen Saucer 16cm/6.25" (Pack of 6) CT2045
    £1.14 per unit
  6. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2054 Earth Cinnamon Cup 7oz (20cl)
    Earth Cinnamon Cup 200ml/7oz (Pack of 6) CT2054
    £1.27 per unit
  7. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2046 Earth Linen Cup 7oz (20cl)
    Earth Linen Cup 200ml/7oz (Pack of 6) CT2046
    £1.27 per unit
  8. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2044 Earth Linen Cup 11oz (31cl)
    Earth Linen Cup 11oz/310ml (Pack of 6) CT2044
    £1.43 per unit
  9. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2039 Earth Cinnamon Mug 12oz (34cl) x6
    Earth Cinnamon Mug 340ml/12oz (Pack of 6) CT2039
    £1.59 per unit
    Out of stock
  10. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2029 Earth Mocha Mug 12oz (34cl) x6
    Earth Mocha Mug 340ml/12oz (Pack of 6) CT2029
    £1.59 per unit
  11. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2001 Earth Thistle Bowl 6.5" (16.5cm) x6
    Earth Thistle Bowl 16.5cm/6.5" (Pack of 6) CT2001
    £2.29 per unit
  12. 5 Yr Edge Chip
    Utopia CT2031 Earth Cinnamon Bowl 6.5" (16.5cm) x6
    Earth Cinnamon Bowl 16.5cm/6.5" (Pack of 6) CT2031
    £2.46 per unit
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