Utopia Fuji Crockery

This superior terracotta range continues to expand with the addition of further dappled items, adding more texture and versatility. The unique texture and finish of Fuji offers a raw, natural and almost volcanic nature to its appearance.

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  1. Utopia CT4006 Fuji Dip Bowl 3.25" (8cm) 6oz (17cl) x6
    Fuji Dip Bowl 8cm/3.25" 170ml/6oz (Pack of 6) CT4006
    £7.02 per unit
  2. Utopia CT4007 Fuji Rice Bowl 5.5" (14cm) 31.75oz (90cl) x6
    Fuji Rice Bowl 14cm/5.5" 500ml/18oz (Pack of 6) CT4007
    £11.85 per unit
  3. Utopia CT4000 Fuji Dappled Bowl 6" (15cm) 19.75oz (56cl) x6
    Fuji Dappled Bowl 15cm/6" 560ml/19.75oz (Pack of 6) CT4000
    £11.85 per unit
  4. Utopia CT4002 Fuji Low Dish 4" (10cm) x6
    Fuji Low Dish 10cm/4" (Pack of 6) CT4002
    £11.93 per unit
  5. Fuji Dappled Bowl 6.75" (17cm)
    Fuji Dappled Bowl 17cm/6.75" (Pack of 6) CT4099
    £12.24 per unit
  6. Fuji Dappled Coupe Bowl 8.5" (21.5cm)
    Fuji Dappled Coupe Bowl 21.5cm/8.5" (Pack of 6) CT4098
    £14.27 per unit
  7. Utopia CT4003 Fuji Low Dish 6" (15cm) x6
    Fuji Low Dish 15cm/6" (Pack of 6) CT4003
    £15.26 per unit
  8. Utopia CT4004 Fuji Low Dish 7" (18cm) x6
    Fuji Low Dish 18cm/7" (Pack of 6) CT4004
    £15.73 per unit
  9. Utopia CT4001 Fuji Dappled Plate 8" (20cm) x6
    Fuji Dappled Plate 20cm/8" (Pack of 6) CT4001
    £15.74 per unit
  10. Fuji Dappled Plate 25.5cm/10" (Pack of 6)
    Fuji Dappled Plate 25.5cm/10" (Pack of 6) CT4008
    £16.26 per unit
  11. Utopia CT4005 Fuji Bowl 9" (22.5cm) 32oz (91cl) x6
    Fuji Bowl 22.5cm/9" 910ml/32oz (Pack of 6) CT4005
    £20.56 per unit
  12. Fuji Dappled Plate 12" (30cm)
    Fuji Dappled Plate 30cm/12" (Pack of 6) CT4097
    £20.67 per unit
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