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Vitrified porcelain crockery with 5 year edge chip guarantee.

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Utopia Tableware

Utopia Tableware is the leading supplier to the UK’s catering and hospitality industry, with an extensive range of crockery, tableware and glassware, including leading brands such as Pasabache.

We are the UK’s largest independent Utopia Tableware Distributor, supplying Utopia Tableware products to a wide range of catering businesses. Our extensive experience and significant buying power means that you won’t find Utopia Tableware products with a better service and lower price elsewhere.


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Utopia Tableware

Browse our Utopia Tableware range for industry-leading glassware, including major brands such as Pasabache.

Utopia Glassware

Utopia are the market leading glass specialist delivering a range covering every market need; their expertise covers every aspect of glassware with a specialisation in toughened glass and nucleation.

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Utopia Cutlery

The right cutlery is the finishing touch to any table setting. Our cutlery collections offer exceptional choice covering both 18/10 & 18/0 traditionally elegant stainless steel ranges.

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Utopia Crockery

Utopia offers an extensive range of tableware designed for the Hospitality market with a significant emphasis on new product development and creative food presentation.


A collection of authentic Terracotta, made in Spain, all Estrella pieces are suitable for the traditional cooking of tapas, and can be served straight to the table to offer customers a real Spanish experience.

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Afternoon tea has become ever more popular in recent times and we have created a collection of ceramics to enhance this charming tradition, available in three floral prints, Grace, Hope & Faith.

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The Titan collection has been created to offer practical and durable solutions without compromising superb presentation.

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Titan Autograph

Titan Autograph comprises signature pieces for those wanting an high-end, sophisticated look. Make your mark with Titan Autograph

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A beautiful capsule collection of hand crafted porcelain, robust enough to be offered with the Utopia Edge Chip Guarantee.

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Tribeca is a fully vitrified stoneware collection, selected for their improved performance, complete with a reactive glaze which ensures every piece is unique, ideal for casual presentation.

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Fuji Superior Terracotta

Fuji is a collection made from superior terracotta that has been strengthened for extra durability. The unique texture offers a raw, natural, and almost volcanic nature to its appearance.

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Avebury is a collection of decorated stoneware designed to evoke memories of fun filled family holidays camping, giving the look of classic rimmed enamel tableware.

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Rustik Dots

This fabulous hand finished porcelain range creates the perfect platform for food presentation, Rustik by name; rustic by nature.

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Salsa is a celebration of colour and joy, inspired by Spanish fiesta. The vibrant colours add an element of excitement to any venue.

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Tokyo, Osaka & Isumi

These three capsule collection combine to form a unique fusion. Osaka, Tokyo and Isumi showcase individual finishes, colourways and textures. Whether used as standalone pieces, a combination of all three ranges or mixed with whiteware, the three are versatile enough for any venue.

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The Umami collection has been sourced from the depths of Japan, sourced from a wide range of Japanese pottery producers. The selection of ranges have been individually crafted to produce items that work either as traditional oriental serving items or to add depth and texture to more contemporary dishes.

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Creative Table

This selection of stunning lines of catering crockery offer amazing style for all forms of table presentation, from the straight forward, to the colourful, to the sumptious.

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