Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

Ice-O-Matic, an American manufacturer of commercial ice machines, designing and manufacturing machines in Denver Colorado since 1952. Ice-O-Matic has worked tirelessly to develop, enhance and perfect the way ice is created and served.

Ice-O-Matic have developed an innovative food safe anti-microbial compound that is permanently integrated into all essential food-zone areas, safeguarding the sanitation of the ice making system whilst advanced water filtration eliminates unwanted taste and odour so only pure ice is produced.

The practical design of Ice-O-Matic ice machines means they are thoughtfully designed for simple use, packed full of standard features such as an easy-access cabinet, easy-to-clean ice making system and simple electro-mechanical controls. This helps to ensure long-lasting performance, quality and reliability – a promise of quality that is backed by a long commercial warranty. 

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