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Cocktail Stirrers

Our new range of Cocktail Stirrers and other Drink Stirrers including Knot Picks and Bamboo Skewers provides your business with a cost-effective way to provide stylish cocktail drinks presentation without harming the environment.

These biodegradable bar disposables are designed to help develop an eco-friendly catering industry by showing your customers commitment to the environment. Browse our range of wooden drink stirrers and knot picks which are completely compostable or shop for stainless steel re-usable cocktail stirrers which are easily washed and ready for service.

Why not also combine our biodegradable stirrers & sticks with our industry-leading range of Bio-Degradable Straws for a fully eco-friendly bar supplies solution.

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  1. Bamboo Knot Pick (9cm) x100
    Bamboo Knot Pick Cocktail Sticks 9cm Pack of 100 BAMK35
    £0.02 per unit
  2. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 15cm x100
    Bamboo Paddle Skewers 15cm x100 BAMP15
    Out of stock
  3. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 12cm x100
    Bamboo Paddle Skewers 12cm x100 BAMP45
    £0.02 per unit
  4. Bamboo Paddle Skewers 9cm
    Bamboo Paddle Skewer 90mm (3.5 Inch) Pack of 100 BAMP35
    £0.02 per unit
  5. Bamboo Flat Skewers 15cm
    Bamboo Flat Skewers 15cm x100 BMBFS15
    £0.02 per unit
  6. Bamboo Flat Skewers 18cm x100
    Bamboo Flat Skewers 18cm x100 BMBFS18
    £0.03 per unit
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