Paper Napkins for Restaurants & Bars

Selected for restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, our comprehensive range of paper napkins has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional caterers. For restaurant table service, we provide a vast range of dinner napkins, including Airlaid and Readifold paper napkins that work well for high-end table settings. For bars, we offer a wide range of cocktail napkins in assorted colours and sizes to suit your style and theme. As with all our catering disposables, we guarantee to beat any competitor price. Speak to one of our product consultants to see if you can qualify for contract pricing or bespoke volume purchase discounts.

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  1. Buzz SPD1192 White Cocktail Napkins 2ply
    Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2Ply White x 2000 SPD1192
    £0.01 per unit
  2. Dinner Napkin 3ply White x 2000
    Paper Napkins 33cm 2Ply White x2000 SPD552
    £0.01 per unit
  3. Readifold Napkins 40cm 3ply White x1000
    Readifold Napkins 40cm 3ply White x1000 RF-163P
    £0.02 per unit
  4. Buzz SPD314PK White Paper Napkins
    Paper Napkins 32cm 1ply White x5000 SPD314
  5. NEW
    Kraft Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2Ply (Pack of 2000)
    Kraft Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2Ply (Pack of 2000) SPD1825
    £0.01 per unit
  6. Buzz SPD444 Black Cocktail Napkins 2ply
    Cocktail Napkins 24cm 2Ply Black x 2000 SPD444
    £0.01 per unit
  7. Buzz SPD1261 Devon Cream Napkins
    Lunch Napkins 33cm 2ply Cream x2000 SPD1261
    £0.01 per unit
  8. Buzz SPD221 33cm 2ply Pink Lunch Napkins x2000
    Lunch Napkins Pink 33cm 2ply x2000 SPD221
    Out of stock
  9. Buzz SPD1378 Paper Napkins 3Ply
    Dinner Napkins 40cm 3ply White x1000 SPD1378
    £0.03 per unit
  10. Buzz SPD218 Sky Blue Paper Napkin
    Lunch Napkins 33cm 2ply Sky Blue x2000 SPD218
    £0.01 per unit
  11. Buzz SPD564 Black Paper Napkin 2 Ply
    Dinner Napkins 33cm 2ply Black x2000 SPD564
    £0.01 per unit
  12. Buzz SPD1377 White Paper Napkins 2Ply
    Dinner Napkins 40cm 2ply White x2000 SPD1377
    £0.01 per unit
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