Terra Porcelain – Genware Terra Tableware


Terra Porcelain Plates, Bowls & Cups

Genware Terra Porcelains beauty is crated through natural effects occurring in the kiln. Fired at over 1320c, no two pieces of Genware crockery look the same. Each piece of Terra crockery is fully vitrified with a rolled edge and polished foot for durability in professional catering. Conforming to BS4034 quality standards, each Genware Terra Porcelain plate, bowl, cup, mug and saucer is subject to rigorous quality checks to ensure quality.


Terra Porcelain Rose

Terra Porcelain Rose features a pink glazing with a natural finish.

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Terra Porcelain Matt Grey

Natural style with a light grey rustic glazing.

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Terra Porcelain Smoke Grey

Darker style with grey rustic glazing.

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Terra Porcelain Rustic Copper

Copper styled finish with a warm rustic glazing.

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Terra Porcelain Aqua Blue

Rustic blue crockery with a unique glazing.

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Terra Porcelain Black

Darker style with black rustic glazing.

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Terra Porcelain Seafoam

Inspired by the coast with oceanic colours.

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Terra Porcelain Pearl

Inspired by the natural beauty of pearls.

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Terra Porcelain Roko Sand

Inspired by the fusion of nature's raw elegance.

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Fully Vitrified Crockery

Terra Porcelain Plates have low water absorption, improved hygiene and heat retention. Microwave, dishwasher, oven & freezer safe.

Mix & Match

Create stunning table presentations by mixing and matching the various tones and styles available within the Stonecast Terra Stoneware Crockery ranges. A wealth of possibilities allowing for truly unique dining experiences.

Unique Glaze Formula

Combined with high temperature firing, no two Terra porcelain plates look the same, with truly unique style and colour variations per piece.

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