Terra Stoneware – Genware Terra Tableware

Terra Stoneware Plates, Bowls, Dishes & Cups

Genware Terra Stoneware is available in an assortment of colours and designs that lends themselves to a variety of different food styles. All Terra Stoneware plates, bowls, dishes & cups are oven, freezer, microwave & dishwasher safe for protection against damage caused by thermo shock. Terra Stoneware’s coloured glaze finish also enhances appearance, improves stain resistance & durability, making it the perfect rustic stoneware for restaurants and professional catering

Terra Stoneware Antigo

New Antigo range featuring a grey finish with highlights of green.

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Terra Stoneware Rustic Blue

Rustic blue crockery with a unique reactive glazing.

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Terra Stoneware Sereno Grey

Pale rustic stoneware with a distinctive grey rim unique to each piece.

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Terra Stoneware Sereno Brown

Pale rustic stoneware with a distinctive brown rim unique to each piece..

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Terra Stoneware Antigo Denim

The Antigo Denim range is a rich and beautifully coloured collection.

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Terra Stoneware Antigo Barley

The Antigo Barley range features soft and warm white tones.

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Terra Stoneware

The Terra Stoneware collection is attractive yet also both versatile and tough, with stoneware boasting an overall strength of body and chip resistance similar to porcelain.

Mix & Match

Create stunning table presentations by mixing and matching the various tones and styles available within the Terra Stoneware Crockery ranges. A wealth of possibilities allowing for truly unique dining experiences.

Advice on Commercial Crockery

We have 35 years experience specifying, crockery in restaurants and hotels. Browse our many ranges of Terra Stoneware crockery for the perfect dinnerware to complement your cuisine.

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