Porcelite Crockery

Porcelite Seasons

Introducing the new coloured crockery collection with a discrete rustic style from Porcelite Vitrified Hotelware.

Porcelite Crockery

Porcelite Vitrified Hotelware is a range of catering crockery that has forged a reputation for outstanding value and performance, quickly becoming one of the most recognised brands in the catering and hospitality industry.

Fully vitrified and backed by a 5-year edge-chip warranty across most of the Porcelite Crockery range, all items are classified as porcelain hotelware and are well suited to commercial catering. Available in a range of styles, designs and colour-combinations, Porcelite Crockery represents a modern, top quality crockery range that delivers both style and cost-effective performance.

Fully Vitrified Porcelain

All Porcelite Crockery lines are fully vitrified, ideal for use in commercial catering & hospitality.


Offering outstanding durability, Most Porcelite Crockery lines carry a 5-year edge chip guarantee.

Porcelite White Crockery & Hotelware

A delightful selection of durable and quality crockery, all fully vitrified white porcelain hotelware. Porcelite Crockery is designed to stand up to the requirements of the catering and hospitality industry.

Porcelite Vitrified Hotelware

Our best-selling standard range of Porcelite crockery, with all items covered by the five-year edge chip warranty.

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Porcelite Banquet

Porcelite Banquet Crockery is a delightful collection of durable and understated items, well suited to commercial use.

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Porcelite Creations

Porcelite Creations Crockery has been designed to enhance the presentation of signature dishes.

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Porcelite Focus

Porcelite Focus Crockery features a distinctive yet subtle ring detailing and enhancing presentation.

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Porcelite Mimoza

Porcelite Mimoza plates, dishes and bowls have alluring rounded shapes and curvaceous rims.

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Porcelite Oven to Tableware

Made from resilient porcelain, a practical, stylish and durable crockery range for serving straight from the oven.

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Porcelite Prestige

Smooth shapes and pure white brilliance Porcelite Prestige Crockery is a perfect fine dining option.

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Porcelite Squared

Porcelite Squared Crockers provides a modern, angular palette for exciting food presentation.

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Porcelite Twist

Porcelite Twist features an off-set squared design that adds movement to food presentation.

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