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For any pub, bar or restaurant, beer glasses are of key importance. Having excellent quality beer glasses can make the different between bar staff pouring the perfect pint and suffering from low yields on beer stock. Similarly, with craft beers and ales becoming an ever-bigger trend, having a wide range of beers glasses is important to sand out in this competitive market place.

Our extensive range of pub beer glasses spans from excellent value every-day nonic beer glasses and tulip beer glasses, through to some exciting new innovations in stemmed beer glasses. Buy trendy beer glasses online, including a vast range of beer mugs, beer tankards and creative barware. As a leading supplier of glassware to the catering and hospitality trade, we can offer the very best wholesale prices glasses for your pub, restaurant and bar.

Check out our collection of head keeper activation beer glasses that feature nucleation technology at the bottom of the glass to help improve head retention, increase effervescence and produce better lacing on the glass. Shop online for our extensive collection of toughened beer glasses, ideal for busy pubs and bars that demand high resistance and safety. 

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  1. Ocean G1B00910 Pilsner 30cl
    Ocean Pilsner 30cl x 6 SKU: G1B00910
    £5.05 £4.21
    (£0.70 per unit)
  2. Ocean G1B01712 Aloha Long Drink 360ml x6
    Ocean Aloha Beer Glass 36cl x 6 SKU: G1B01712
    £5.05 £4.21
    (£0.70 per unit)
  3. Buzz G0973570 Wellington Boot 17.5oz
    Stolzle Welly Boots 0.5l/17.5oz x 1 SKU: G0973570
    £7.08 £5.90
  4. Sorgun Pilsner Beer Glass 38cl / 13.25oz (Pack of 6)
    Sorgun Pilsner Beer Glass 38cl / 13.25oz (Pack of 6) SKU: SRG375
    £7.20 £6.00
    (£1.00 per unit)
  5. Utopia P420497 Cervera 20oz (58cl) x6
    Cervera 20oz (58cl) x6 SKU: P420497
    £7.72 £6.43
    (£1.07 per unit)
  6. Utopia P42116 Weizenbeer 14.5oz (42cl) x6
    Weizenbeer 14.5oz (42cl) x6 SKU: P42116
    £8.45 £7.04
    (£1.17 per unit)
  7. Utopia P42708 Senator 10 oz (28cl)  CE x12
    Senator 10 oz (28cl) CE x12 SKU: DE130
    £9.55 £7.96
    (£0.66 per unit)
  8. Utopia P440121 Draft Stemmed Beer 13.5oz (38cl) x6
    Draft Stemmed Beer 13.5oz (38cl) CE x6 SKU: P440121
    £10.40 £8.67
    (£1.45 per unit)
  9. Utopia P440227 Toughened Draft Beer 16.75oz (48cl) x6
    Draft Beer Toughened 16.75oz (48cl) x6 SKU: P440227
    £11.51 £9.59
    (£1.60 per unit)
  10. Utopia P42708 Senator 10 oz (28cl)  CE Nucleated x12
    Senator 10 oz (28cl) CE Nucleated x12 SKU: DE130NHK
    £12.00 £10.00
    (£0.83 per unit)
  11. Buzz G11099620 Borgonovo Volterra Pils 400ml/14oz x 6
    Borgonovo Volterra Pils 400ml/14oz x 6 SKU: G11099620
    £12.18 £10.15
    (£1.69 per unit)
  12. Buzz G0973580 Wellington Boot 35oz
    Stolzle Welly Boots 1l/35oz x 1 SKU: G0973580
    £12.38 £10.32
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