Trendy Shot & Spirit Glasses for Restaurants & Bars

Every busy bar, restaurant and pub serves spirits and shots alongside regular drinks and serving them with a range of creative, innovative and trendy glasses can help your business to stand out from the competition in this competitive marketplace. With a wide range of trendy shot glasses alongside a collection of high quality spirit glasses, including brandy glasses, cognac glasses and whiskey glasses we are sure that you will find a shot and spirit glass to fit your requirements.

Shop our extensive range of cocktail glasses from leading UK catering glassware manufacturers including Utopia Tableware, Stolzle and Libbey. Buy online with guaranteed low wholesale prices.

For busy bars, pubs and clubs why not check out our range of toughened shot and spirit glasses, ideal for environments where high resistance and safety are of utter most importance. Alternatively, for fine dining restaurants, browse our collection of crystal cocktail glasses that are guaranteed to provide the best transparency and long-term durability. 

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  1. Stolzle Isar Mug 4cl x 1
    Stolzle Isar Mug 4cl x 1 SKU: G0453318
    £1.33 £1.11
  2. Buzz G0973518 Wellington Boot Shot Glass
    Stolzle Welly Boots 4cl/1.5oz x 1 SKU: G0973518
    £1.76 £1.47
  3. Borgonovo Pisa Shot Glass 1.8oz/50ml x6
    Borgonovo Pisa Shot Glass 1.8oz/50ml x6 SKU: G11006520
    £4.80 £4.00
    (£0.67 per unit)
  4. Utopia P52734 Casablanca Shot 1.25oz (3.7cl) x12
    Casablanca Shot 1.25oz (3.7cl) x12 SKU: P52734
    £6.36 £5.30
    (£0.44 per unit)
  5. Utopia G11106020 Tall Vodka Shot 2oz (6cl) x6
    Tall Vodka Shot 2 oz (6cl) x6 SKU: G11106020
    £6.49 £5.41
    (£0.90 per unit)
  6. Utopia P42474 Centra Shot 3.3oz (9.5cl) x6
    Centra Shot 3.3oz (9.5cl) x6 SKU: P42474
    £6.49 £5.41
    (£0.90 per unit)
  7. Utopia P52174 Boston Shot 1.2oz (3cl) x 12
    Boston Shot 1.2oz (3cl) x12 SKU: P52174
    £8.22 £6.85
    (£0.57 per unit)
  8. Utopia P52134 American Shot 1oz (3cl) x12
    American Shot 1oz (3cl) x12 SKU: P52134
    £9.30 £7.75
    (£0.65 per unit)
  9. Utopia P52194 Boston Shot 2oz (6cl) x12
    Boston Shot 2oz (6cl) x12 SKU: P52194
    £9.30 £7.75
    (£0.65 per unit)
  10. Timeless Vintage Shot 2oz (6cl) x12
    Timeless Vintage Shot 2oz (6cl) x12 SKU: P52780
    £10.14 £8.45
    (£0.70 per unit)
  11. Boston Heavy Based Shot 1oz (2.5cl) x24
    Boston Heavy Based Shot 1oz (2.5cl) x24 SKU: P11109
    £10.28 £8.57
    (£0.36 per unit)
  12. Utopia P42433 Side Whisky 6.5oz (18.2cl) x12
    Sidé Whisky 6.5 oz (18.2cl) x12 SKU: DE42433
    £10.52 £8.77
    (£0.73 per unit)
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