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Wine & Champagne

With the rise of champagne and prosecco taking the restaurant and hospitality industry by storm, having the right champagne flutes and prosecco glasses behind the bar is ever more important. As a leading supplier of commercial glassware to the catering and hospitality trade, we provide a wide range of wine and champagne glasses for restaurants and bars.

Shop our extensive range to find great wholesale prices on leading glassware, including Utopia Tableware, Libbey, Chef & Sommilier and Arcoroc. Browse innovative wine glass designs and specialist champagne flutes and buy online with the lowest trade prices guaranteed.

Our expert product consultants can help you to select the right wine and champagne glasses you’re your requirements. For busy bars, pubs and clubs why not check out our range of high resistance toughened wine glasses, ideal for environments where high resistance and safety are of utter most importance. Alternatively, for fine dining restaurants, browse our collection of crystal wine glasses, guaranteed to provide the best transparency and long-term durability. 

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  1. Utopia P440069 Diamond Flute 6oz (17cl) x3
    Diamond Flute 6oz (17cl) x3 SKU: P440069
    £6.55 £5.46
    (£1.82 per unit)
  2. NEW
    Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer 20cl x 6
    Ocean Classic Champagne Saucer 20cl x 6 SKU: G1501S07
    £7.78 £6.48
    (£1.08 per unit)
  3. Utopia P44435 Banquet 6.66oz (19cl) Goblet L@125ml CE x12
    Paris Banquet 6.66oz (19cl) Goblet x12 SKU: P444435
    £8.57 £7.14
    (£0.60 per unit)
  4. Utopia P44455 Banquet Flute 5.5oz (15.5cl) x12
    Paris Banquet Flute 5.5oz (15.5cl) x12 SKU: P44455
    £9.30 £7.75
    (£0.65 per unit)
  5. Paris Banquet 8oz (23cl) Goblet x12
    Paris Banquet 8oz (23cl) Goblet x12 SKU: P44445
    £9.55 £7.96
    (£0.66 per unit)
  6. NEW
    Ocean G1019F06 Champagne Flute 185ml x 6
    Ocean Champagne Flute 185ml x 6 SKU: G1019F06
    £10.75 £8.96
    (£1.49 per unit)
  7. Ocean G1019G13 Goblet 37cl x 6
    Ocean Goblet 37cl x 6 SKU: G1019G13
    £10.75 £8.96
    (£1.49 per unit)
  8. Ocean G1019R11 Red Wine 31.5cl x 6
    Ocean Red Wine 31.5cl x 6 SKU: G1019R11
    £10.75 £8.96
    (£1.49 per unit)
  9. Ocean G1019W08 White Wine 24cl x 6
    Ocean White Wine 24cl x 6 SKU: G1019W08
    £10.75 £8.96
    (£1.49 per unit)
  10. Villeroy and Boch 11-3658-0020 Entrée Red wine goblet 198mm x4
    Entrée Red Wine Goblet 198mm x4 SKU: 11-3658-0020
    £11.26 £9.38
    (£2.35 per unit)
  11. Villeroy and Boch 11-3658-0030 Entrée White wine goblet 186mm x4
    Entrée White Wine Goblet 186mm x4 SKU: 11-3658-0030
    £11.26 £9.38
    (£2.35 per unit)
  12. Villeroy and Boch 11-3658-0070 Entrée Champagne flute 205mm x4
    Entrée Champagne Flute 205mm x4 SKU: 11-3658-0070
    £11.26 £9.38
    (£2.35 per unit)
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